Emergent technologies are likely to have a major impact on how construction companies operate. The overriding view is that these new tech methods, particularly those that include location and status data devices and construction estimating software, can help increase production, leading to a stronger likelihood that projects will be on time and within budget. The cumulative effect of cutting edge technology can give assurance to present and future clients that reliability is at the forefront of evolving construction techniques. Construction logistics companies are trumpeting their ability to let their clients stay on top of the status of construction material deliveries, allowing for accurate real-time decisions to be made at the physical construction site. Trimble's app, for instance, allows oversight of the mobile workforce to an extent not previously envisioned. Collaboration and cloud apps, such as Procore and Synchroteam, enable employees to interact effectively regardless of their respective locales. Successful coordination saves on project downtime by maximizing internal communications and increases productivity and efficiency. Tablets are a preferred choice among construction professionals, namely because of their mobile and visual utility on jobsites. Electronic processing is a new area that is allowing construction business owners to declutter their files and deal with the onslaught of forms that are a necessary part of the business. In addition to helping overall construction management, construction bidding software are now available, such as Co-Construct, Quick Bid, and STACK Estimating. which address specialized types of construction contracting businesses, such electrical and low-voltage work.